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The Glenholme School Arts Program 1

The visual and performing arts programs provide the quintessential backdrop for Glenholme students to thrive in. From metaphors to personification along with the laughter of comic relief, the audience and actors are the fabric of The Center for the Arts. Every Glenholme student has the chance to share their talent through the powerful tools of our arts program. Here they liberate their imaginations and bring creativity to life.


The Center for the Arts is a world-class creative facility for visual and performing arts, where students are exposed to many levels of theatrical production. The music building is impressively equipped with a state-of- the-art recording studio, a dance room and a variety of instruments for listening and learning. In art courses and activities, students learn about a variety of art mediums, techniques, and processes such as drawing, print-making and photography. The campus is filled with examples of student art, from self-portraits to still life, landscapes, murals and spectacular photography. 

Artistic expression is embraced, respected, and nurtured at Glenholme. Students learn and develop leadership and social skills through the enjoyment of arts activities. Communication, creative thinking, problem-solving, accountability, adaptability, and relationship building are just a few. The understanding and experiences that the arts provides students allows them to increase their self-esteem and learn positive methods of expression. The goal of the visual and performing arts is to provide a therapeutic environment designed to offer experiences often unavailable to students with special needs in traditional schools. It provides students innovative tools that enhance their education. Glenholme believes the arts give students their own personal stairway to social confidence and success.

The Glenholme School Arts Program 2


Acting in the dramatic arts is highly popular and alive here at The Glenholme School! Whether participation in a drama or improvisation class or preparing for a spot on the student news program, students practice and present their skills in many ways. Students may also participate in one or more of the large scale musical and non-musical stage productions that take place in the Center for the Arts for the family and community to attend and enjoy. There are also many opportunities for “behind the scenes” involvement as well. Students take part in set changes, lighting and sound implementation, costume and prop organizing, house ushers, and stage management.

The Glenholme School Arts Program 3

Visual Arts

Students can bring their creativity to life though the activities and classes in the visual arts program. From the studio to the gallery and even the stage, the students can prepare their crafts and designs to be displayed for all to see and enjoy! Set painting and designing is planned and produced by the students along side of their skilled teachers. Publicity in the forms of posters and programs for student productions is also designed by students. Students can then learn the arts of digital designing and editing of their work on the computers in our technology lab.

The Glenholme School Arts Program 4


From exploration to performance, the students are invited to experience the art of music. Some will join our chorus, others will learn to play the piano, drums or guitar and become inspired to present their skills at Open Mic, Cocoa Café; or upon the large stage in the Center for the Arts. Students can compose,arrange and record music in our very own recording studio. Special performances are scheduled throughout the year to highlight the hard work and dedication students achieve in their musical studies.

The Glenholme School Arts Program 5


In keeping with The Glenholme School’s commitment to creative and artistic development, the dance department offers all students ample opportunities to expand their positive forms of expression and movement abilities. From Jazz to Ballet, from Modern and Contemporary Dance to Hip-Hop, students enjoy learning how to be versatile and improve their skills.

The Glenholme School Center for the Arts

The Center for the Arts assists the school in their mission to provide an exceptional learning environment for students with special needs. Central to that mission is the Arts, an essential treatment tool of the Glenholme program. By providing diverse and creative means for promoting growth in social skills, the Arts is a particularly effective method for educating students with social, emotional and academic deficiencies. Success, especially for the students of Glenholme, includes a healthy educational experience rich in creativity and involvement only the Arts can provide.

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