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Theater Arts And Social Distance: Creativity at Work
Typically, during the Glenholme Summer Program, students will participate in a theatrical production. This year, new challenges to overcome are not stopping the students at the Glenholme School.

Students in the Arts Program this summer have been utilizing their creativity with two major virtual projects. The first is called “G-TV” with students within their cottages creating four unique videos. These are each thirty seconds to one minute in length. The topics will include a cottage introduction, a TV commercial, a Silly News Story and a final video which will be student choice! All of the students are encouraged to take part in camera work, script writing, story board drawing, sound and lighting technology, and of course ACTING! Videos are underway and the final presentation will be ready for viewing by the last week of August.

The second project taking place is a Virtual Talent Show. Students are signing up and putting together various acts that will be approximately three minutes in length each. Students will have the ability to showcase their skills in singing, dancing, and much more! The performances will be videotaped and then shared with our families, students and faculty.

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