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The Glenholme School community came together recently to celebrate the thirtieth birthday of Junior, a Texan quarter horse that has been at Glenholme since 2007.

“He is the calmest and safest horse for all beginning riders,” said Samantha Gaul, Glenholme’s equestrian program director. “He has a nice slow pace, which is perfect for students starting out.”

Although Junior exhibits an easygoing demeanor, there’s no doubt he is the leader of the herd, which includes stall mates Ace, Diesel and Expo.

During his time at Glenholme, Junior has been instrumental in helping hundreds of students, not only to learn to ride, but to give them the self-confidence needed to be successful in life. Almost half of the students currently at Glenholme take part in the school’s equestrian program.

To celebrate the recent occasion, Ms. Gaul paraded Junior from the stables to the schoolhouse, where groups of students came out to have their picture taken with the school’s most beloved horse. Junior sported a “Happy Birthday” headband and a party hat purchased by one of his favorite riders, Sage.

Junior then headed back to the stables to feast on a birthday cake of molasses, oats, carrots and apple slices made by another long-time rider, Laylah.
~ D. Dunleavy
Photos S. Gaul

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