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Dear Friend of Glenholme,

As we look forward to turning the page to a fresh start and kicking off 2021; we pause to reflect on this great time of uncertainty in our world. On behalf of all of us at Glenholme, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for your continuous support for our school community. During times like these, the Glenholme spirit of collaboration, commitment, and care prevails. We are proud of the ways we have seen our community come together to support one another during an unprecedented and challenging year.

At Glenholme we see positive results every day as young people learn to focus on their strengths, work hard to address areas for growth, and gain confidence to be part of this ever changing world. Young people with special needs and learning differences often have adverse experiences in traditional schools. Glenholme has created a safe and positive school culture where our kids can thrive. Unfortunately, not all students who need our programming are able to access it.


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The Glenholme Scholarship Fund is a vital component of our ability to offer treatment and care to young people who are confronted with financial hardship prohibiting access to necessary quality programs. Many students have benefited from our scholarships, opening the door to Glenholme’s many services and quality programs where learning and building character are part of daily living experiences, through education, the arts, athletics, equestrian, culinary, technology, community services, and life skills development.

We need your help in making more students and families’ dreams be realized. Will you consider making a tax-deductible contribution to The Glenholme Scholarship Fund this holiday season?

Together we will continue to work harder toward even greater success for our students and their families. So we ask you to share with us the joy of giving this holiday season by making a student’s life changing experience a reality!

Wishing you the warmest regards this holiday season and health and happiness to you and your family.

Wishing you all the best,

Noah Noyes / Executive Director

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