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Despite the limitations of the world pandemic, the Glenholme School hosted its 16th commencement exercise recently, one of the few on-campus graduations in the nation. Seventeen graduates and their families were blessed with a beautiful summer day in Washington. This celebration had a different twist though, with all in attendance wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

Executive Director Noah Noyes provided the opening remarks. He told the story of a former student, who persevered over a serious illness. One day, Mr. Noyes noticed that the license plate for her car read “NGUNGI.” When asked what it stood for, the student replied, “Never give up, never give in.”

This year’s class is a testament to that student’s reply as graduates worked hard to strengthen their academic, emotional and social issues as they ready to take their next steps in life.

Scholarships were given to three students; Sarah Whitney, Erika Krauss and Ben Philosoph. Following the awarding of diplomas, students flipped their mortarboard tassels from right to left before spending time with their family. Glenholme staff then lined the driveway waving goodbye one last time as students drove off with their families.

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