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Glenholme’s E3 students are gaining the experiences and opportunities of the workplace as they find themselves immersed in a diverse variety of internship and employment opportunities. Whether working on a railroad, in the kitchen of a restaurant, at an art gallery or with any one of our other local partnerships, our students are developing the skill set necessary to be successful, productive employees through this myriad of different employment opportunities. Through our individualized approach to all aspects of programming, students are provided with any and all support needed to foster their individual success in these internship and employment opportunities. E3, (Evolve, Expand and Emerge) staff provide on-site job coaching when needed to ensure that students are receiving the support and feedback necessary to foster positive work habits and positive work experiences. As students become proficient with the skills necessary to be successful in the workplace, job coaching is removed so that the student can gain increased independence in their work experiences. Whether in the workplace or in the dorm, our students are continuously encouraged and challenged to leave their comfort zones and explore new opportunities.

New opportunities for internships are at: The 5 Points Center for the Visual Arts, a 90 acre multilevel art center; Kids Play, a children’s museum; Quiet Zone, an auto repair shop; Momentum Equestrian Center, a horse rescue and equestrian center; The Railroad Museum; ECAD- Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities, a nonprofit that trains skilled service dogs, and BJ’s Wholesale Club.

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