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Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health – DIRECTOR’S TAKE:

David Dunleavy, Connecticut – The Glenholme School Director of Admissions

My priority as director of admissions is to provide the highest quality customer service to those who are inquiring about Devereux Connecticut – The Glenholme School. Many times, parents are in such need to find a therapeutic program for their child, they are exhausted and overwhelmed in their current state. Listening with professionalism and compassion is of the utmost importance, even when I know the student isn’t appropriate for our program. Even though The Glenholme School may not be the right placement, our admissions team takes great pride in softly suggesting where parents may look, giving them the hope and motivation they need to continue with their search.

Getting the word out about Glenholme has also continued to be a priority since it is such a small specialized school. Our admissions staff has traveled to nearly every program that a student has attended prior to coming to Glenholme. When you show up at someone’s doorstep in Utah, Idaho or North Carolina, you are remembered and appreciated for taking the time to learn more about their program. Sometimes, that can be a base camp in the Uinta Mountain range in Utah or a therapeutic day program in New York.

These connections make for better transitions once students come to Glenholme. It also helps our dedicated staff to better support students in strengthening their social, emotional and academic skills before they move on to post-secondary education or a vocation of their choosing.

~ David


David Dunleavy at The Glenholme School
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