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The Van Sinderens, who were very involved in their community and passionate about giving back to others, owned Glenholme Farm, a world –renowned horse farm. In 1968, Ms. Jean White Van Sinderen generously donated the family’s 105 acre property to the Devereux Foundation, requesting that the farm be transformed into a school for children with special needs. And so the Van Sinderen family legacy of caring lives on as we celebrate 53 years of excellence at Glenholme!

February 28th, the birthday of Ms. Jean White Van Sinderen; we honor Ms. Van Sinderen and celebrate Glenholme Heritage Day. We will be observing her birthday today with a traditional Glenholme Farm dessert of vanilla ice cream and crispy lace cookies, one of Ms. Van Sinderen’s favorite snacks, served for dessert in her honor at lunch.

Over the last 53 years, The Glenholme School has gained an international reputation of excellence by providing an exceptional learning environment and value-based education to thousands of children with special needs. The character values of caring, respect for others, and civic responsibility – held in such high regard by the Van Sinderen family – remain an integral part of Glenholme’s academic and enrichment programming, and are a major component of our school’s annual Heritage Day celebration.

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