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Resources For Students
Occupational Therapy Services:
Glenholme has occupational therapy services available to all students needing this based on either their IEPs or on parent request.  Occupational therapy services are delivered weekly in a format that matches the needs of each student.  Students may be seen in individual, small group or the services may be provided through observation and consultation to the teaching faculty and/or the student.  The goals for occupational therapy are different for each student and may include, increasing body awareness, improving strength, range of motion and/or sensory awareness and increasing fine motor control for graphomotor tasks and/or visual perceptual skills.  Direct instruction in keyboarding, handwriting and activities of daily living may also be provided if needed.

There are times when parents desire individual tutoring in specific subject areas.  Glenholme provides weekly after school help in Spanish and math when either the student, the teacher or the parent feels this is necessary.  This assistance is given in a small group setting after school as part of our program.  When a private tutor is requested in any subject area, Glenholme will assist parents in finding qualified available tutors.  Glenholme draws from Glenholme teachers as well as outside professionals for private tutoring.  We will work with parents to determine the frequency and duration of tutoring and connect parents with tutors.  Parents and tutors work out all the details of tutoring regarding the scope, frequency and payment.  Glenholme works with the tutors to develop a schedule that works for both the tutor and the student.  All Glenholme tutors are screened through Glenholme’s human resource department.
Speech and Language:
Glenholme’s speech pathologist provides speech and language services to all students needing this based on either their IEP or an identified need. A variety of formats and strategies are utilized to deliver speech and language services to our students matching the needs of each student. Integrated, push-in therapy services for supplemental instruction in language skill areas that impact academics are provided to approximately one third of the students requiring speech and language services.  Modeling and direct instruction in social skills are provided to approximately two thirds of the student population through direct group therapy and a program focus that stresses social pragmatics. Students also receive incidental teaching and reinforcement of individualized skills and strategies for speech intelligibility, fluency, oral motor planning, auditory processing, and pragmatics.  Students may be seen within the classroom setting or may be seen separately in groups (especially when working on social pragmatics), small groups or individual therapy may be utilized and observation and consultation to the student, the faculty or the parent may be employed.

Glenholme’s speech pathologist consults directly with education faculty, boarding faculty and clinical faculty to ensure that skills and concepts begun during formal therapy sessions continue to receive attention in all aspects of the program.  This integrated approach assures that these skills are not be taught in a vacuum but are integrated throughout all the student’s daily experiences.

Guidance/Post Secondary Advisement:
Glenholme provides a comprehensive post-secondary advising program. Students gain an understanding of their own strengths and abilities as well as their specific needs in order to set realistic and achievable goals for their futures.  Students meet with our advisors both individually and in groups during our College and Careers readiness groups.  Advisors work with students and parents as well to ensure that post secondary planning is complete and effective.  Students receive assistance in defining career interests, identifying post secondary goals, and developing a transition plan to meet those goals.
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The Devereux Glenholme School is a therapeutic boarding school located in Washington, CT, that provides a therapeutic program and exceptional learning environment to address varying levels of academic, social and emotional development in boys and girls ages 10-21. The goal of our school is to prepare our graduates for post-secondary college and career opportunities.