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Parent Quotes

We are truly grateful for the progress Sam has made at Glenholme over the past two years. Sending our son away to a boarding school, or as they say, a "therapeutic residential" program, was a very difficult decision, being that we live hours away. Yet Sam was struggling as he grew into his adolescent years. It was clear he needed something else, someplace that would help him reach his potential.

From the moment he enrolled at Glenholme, each time he comes home, we see a change in him. His confidence and self-esteem is overflowing. When he hits those bumps in the road, someone is always there to help him over it and he moves on. He makes conversation, looks people in the eye, and feels comfortable in his own skin.

We attribute Sam’s progress to the program at Glenholme- the incredible hands on, 24/7 approach that the school gives to our kids, where every member of the staff knows our children and are invested in their outcome and progress. The term "it takes a village" truly happens at Glenholme.

We would like to thank each and every one of you for welcoming Bethany into your community with such warmth and enthusiasm.   When deciding on a placement for our daughter, we wanted a school where she would reach her full potential, despite her challenges.  But we also wanted her to enjoy those extracurricular and social events that are an integral part of high school, despite her challenges.  We are pleased that Bethany has the opportunity to achieve both at Glenholme.  She has had a positive experience thus far and speaks highly of everyone she's encountered.

I can't tell you enough how much the Glenholme community has helped our family.  We all know what a wonderful person Jimmy is, and you and the community of Glenholme are finally helping him realize his full potential. 

In all honesty I really don't know how to express my appreciation for what you have done for my daughter
I remember the first phone call home-I thought "oh my, what have I done?!" I thought I was going to have to jump on a plane and bring her home, I figured it was "too much"! But of course the next phone call was all about the wonderful things that can be seen and done-was a totally different conversation! (must admit, I felt like wringing her neck!) I came to enjoy the conversations with Jess, about all the friendships she was making, the teachers that she was truely connecting with and all the incredible things that were at her finger tips! There were the inevitable phone
calls that Jess moaned and groaned about how awful things were for her! But the good always outnumberd the bad! I was thrilled when I was able to visit the school for the first time. When Jessica first came into view, I thought WOW, she seems to have matured already! I had a tour of the scool, met most teachers, and thought what an incredable place!
Jessica would not have been able to graduate from High School here in Bermuda, not only have you made it possible for her to accomplish that-you have given Jessica a sense of who "she" is! I think she was in danger of losing herself in her battle through school and life in general! I've always known how generous, caring, beautiful and bright she is-SHE needs to know that too! Ms Campbell, thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing Jessica to stay and finish! Please express my gratitude to everyone concerned. Ms. Murphy, Ms. Brownlee (please send her my love) Ms. Fitzherbert, Ms. Berry & Hubby (sorry if spelling is wrong) Jessica has come to love and adore you guys! Ms. Cronin- I know there are sooooo many other names to say-but through the tears.... the typing is getting pretty difficult! (ALMOST as many tears as Graduation ceremony!!)

Once again PLEASE accept my heartfelt love and

Dear Ms. Campbell,

It is really hard to believe that a whole year has gone by. I recall our first time at Glenholme and I was a little unsure as to how things would work out for son.

Allafia being the child that he was at the time, not talking much and a bit of an introvert, I had concerns. However, here we are almost one year later and I see a different child. It is my firm belief that had we not come to Glenholme, Allafia would not have made the progress that we all are witness to today. I am grateful to you as well as the staff and faculty at Glenholme for the care, concern, and support that you have shown him. No doubt, Glenholme is the best therapeutic boarding school for my son. My prayer is that Glenholme will continue doing the work that it does, and with this, the community and the world will see young men and women who can and will make a difference. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Glenholme.

Looking forward to the new school year at Glenholme and continuing to work with each and every one of you.

Whatever he has been achieving at Glenholme musically is due to the help and support of the staff and the confidence that has gradually been instilled upon him, and especially from you. From the very first time that you had him perform on his own that day at Open House, to now, he has made such great strides.

We know he has a long way to go, but still, he is on his way because of all the gifts he has received from Glenholme.

Who knows what the future will bring, but musically I am sure Ben is on a very special journey no matter what part it will play in his life. Music brings him great joy, and we hope he will always find comfort and calm from his musical exploration as he moves forward in life.

Dear Ms. Murphy,

We were happy to have been able to come to your first two Grandparents’ Day events. As a retired educator I’m impressed with your individualized program and resources. PJ (Peter as he wants to be called) has gained from your individually prescribed learning environment with its emphasis on social skills and his specific needs. We have seen a huge improvement in PJ.

Your students were all polite and well mannered. We watched PJ act as an ambassador for the school, talking to the grandparents. He introduced us to his teachers, staff and friends.

Thank you for giving us the opportunities to see our grandson in this environment.

I am very thankful to the whole staff for the new person you are making of my son. Thinking of where we were two years ago, and where he is now, simply overwhelms me. Having a child can bring more joy and more heartache than anything else in life. And the gratitude a mother feels to those who help her child along the way -- let alone those who outright rescue her child's life -- is boundless, and indescribable. So please know that even when I question, or even when I believe Mike may have a valid critique of one aspect of the program or another, I am profoundly aware of what a blessing it is to have Glenholme and its people in our lives -- and I know that while nothing and no place is perfect, you folks clearly know what you are doing.

He just graduated from Wasatch Academy in Utah, a regular boarding school that is actually awarded the top in the state. He is going to Hofstra in September, where he was accepted into their PALS program which provides additional support. And this summer he is working for ID TECH camp teaching robotics to kids- they are giving him a trial because they usually don't take college freshman but he has a lot of teaching experience. So he has accomplished a lot and we are very grateful!

Don't know where we all would be if we hadn't found Glenholme! Thank you!

On the eve of our son Jonathon’s 16th birthday in April of 2008, we found ourselves in crisis and at a serious crossroads. Our son, though full of potential continually struggled with behaviors and experienced repeated social setbacks. Roy and I realized that we had a few short years for Jon to find a path to achieve success.

Fortunately, we discovered Glenholme and we instantly knew that Glenholme was the best shot Jon had of finding the right path so we could realize his true potential. Jon began his Glenholme experience that July, and though the first few months were real nail bitters for us all (especially Jon), today we have a son who is thoughtful, responsible, and accountable with new goals and ambitions. We now have every reason to believe he can achieve.

Jon is once again at a crossroads as he will graduate this June and attend college in the fall. Wow!

We would not be at this happy crossroad full of pride and excitement if not for Glenholme. We can not thank Glenholme enough!

Thank you so much for the wonderful work you are doing with Elias. It is nothing short of amazing. Your picture of Elias holding the basket ball with the other student brought tears to our eyes. Elias looks absolutely age appropriate neuro-typical--something Kim and I always dreamed of. Please keep them coming. They are precious.

April 30, 2012

Dear Ms. Campbell,

We wanted to thank you for an extraordinary weekend!

We could not be more impressed by the staff, the students and all of the wonderful parents that we met this weekend.

I have to tell you that we have not seen our daughter smile and laugh this much in her life! She absolutely loves the school and everyone connected to it.

We are thankful every day that we found you and we are so happy to see her excelling personally as well as academically. We owe all to your hard work, dedication and the true love of the kids that shows on every staff members’ face.

Thank you so much for keeping our daughter safe, showing her how to find herself and have fun and the pleasure that we get to have watching her grow and flourish!


Shannon & Jeff

Dear Maryann,

I just wanted to write to congratulate you and everyone on campus for making this year’s Parents’ Weekend truly special. Robert was so pleased to be asked to be a Glenholme Idol judge and really relished the kids’ performances which were great and very heartwarming. And it was wonderful to watch you encourage us parents to participate, especially on Saturday night. Kudos to you!

And a special mention must be made about Julie and Jess and how hard they worked. “Success” is clearly a GLENHOLME COMMUNITY WORD!

With sincere thanks,
Anne & Robert

Oh yes! Beautiful. Thank You!
The expression on his face is priceless. Aaron has struggled so hugely
with school, that for him, this accomplishment is nothing short of a miracle. I think that he knows it too.

My Best,


PS: You can quote me on that too! :-D

When my husband and I reflect back over the past year, it takes our breath away. Like so many families, we were faced with helping our son deal with a very personal struggle.  Our son Hunter was experiencing the complications associated with Tourette disorder.  Hunter had always been a happy little boy, fascinated by history and science; a sports fanatic with major league dreams, and a gregarious kid that wanted nothing more than friendship, and camaraderie with his peers. Hunter was suddenly facing a challenge that could either defeat him, or make him mature into an extraordinary human being.  As parents we were determined to help our child find his place and purpose, and an environment that would foster this message. The Glenholme School provides the hope, support, and education our family desperately needed, and most importantly, it assured our son that he would be accepted for who he was, and not for what he has.  Our son feels safe, accepted, and valued by his school and peer community. He has made meaningful friendships, and loves school. Mrs. Kimberly has ignited his interest in social studies and science and pushes his potential with spirit and grace. Mrs. Van Moffaert and his athletic coaches have tapped into his competitive interests while grooming his sportsmanship. Ted Timmel has been our touchstone. Our family is very grateful to the Glenholme community for their guidance, and encouragement during our most challenging time.

It was December 2001, and our son, Daniel, had been suspended from school for the last time. Prone to outbursts and inappropriate social behavior, the school district advised us that he required out of district placement. The news was devastating to us. After visiting a series of suggested programs each worse than the last, we came to Glenholme on a gray January day and will never forget the feeling of calmness and hopefulness that came over all of us we toured the campus in a golf cart.

Now a Junior at Brown University majoring in Urban Studies, Dan credits Glenholme with changing his life. While Glenholme did not change his love for learning or his passion for architecture and buildings, it did change how he coped with difficult situations and challenging social settings. It taught him more self-control and how to be self -dependent and advocate for himself in a setting where he could make mistakes yet still be safe in an understanding and nurturing environment. This past summer, Dan lived off campus in his own apartment and worked as a research assistant for a professor.

As long-time members of the Advisory Board, we are very proud of our son, but also grateful of the work Glenholme continues to do every day to help its students grow and reach their potential in the world today.

"We are very impressed with the quality of the staff. When our son enjoys going to school (and is disappointed if there is a snow day!), we know that Glenholme is where he belongs."
"My husband and I believe that without the program at Glenholme, our son would not have made the significant progress he has accomplished over the last three years. We sing Glenholme's praises to everyone."
"Thank you! Glenholme has been a great influence for our son."
"Glenholme has been a totally positive experience for all of us… Thanks for what you do!"
"We love Glenholme!"
"We are very happy with our son's progress to date."
"Glenholme has brought out the wonderful young man that we knew was there - but our son didn't. His confidence level and socialization skills are outstanding now, as is his ability to stay calm and not overreact to smaller issues."
"I am very pleased with the progress that my daughter has made since she enrolled in March 2010. I feel that we have a real partnership with her therapist and teachers, and I've received very timely and practical feedback when needed."
"Our son, in a very short time, is already a different child; we couldn't be more pleased with his progress."
"We're thrilled with the school!!!"
"Our experience with Glenholme so far has been very positive: friendly and helpful staff, impressive programmatics, wonderful extra-curricular and academic opportunities, beautiful grounds, sound philosophies and protocols. We've seen improvement in our son already, and he's very happy and positive about the program and opportunities."
"Parents' Weekend helped us more than anything else to see the program's benefit. We are especially happy that our son has good friends - he needs peer friendships to be happy and thrive."
We just wanted to let you know Jim is graduating from college. Hopefully you remember he was at Glenholme for his freshman and sophomore years. Thank you for your help in his journey. We'd love to hear from you. Please count him in your success stories.
I would like to thank all of you for bringing my daughter to me. Although placing Kayla outside my home was hard for me to do, it was at the same time the best thing for her. She is now the happy young lady I always wished she could be. I would like to thank all of you who were so pleasant to me when I met you whether by phone, email or in person. Kayla had a very difficult time making friends in the past and now with your help, the first day of school she already has many! Thank you for all of your hard work. I will remember you always.
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