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In order to provide effective and accountable services, we measure and monitor the progress of each student, and provide this data to parents in real time.  Parents are able to access their student's data through our online portal.  Additionally, we continuously conduct research to ensure that we are providing effective care.  We conduct larger scale, program-wide research, as well as smaller targeted outcome studies.

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Parental Involvement I

Parental Involvement II

Impact of Preferred Activities

Adderall vs. Response Cost

Engagement in Instructional Extracurricular Activities

Intensive Behavior Support

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The Devereux Glenholme School is a therapeutic boarding school located in Washington, CT, that provides a therapeutic program and exceptional learning environment to address varying levels of academic, social and emotional development in boys and girls ages 10-21. The goal of our school is to prepare our graduates for post-secondary college and career opportunities.