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July 9, 2012 -Glenholme News

It’s Electric: A Wheego Adds New Energy to Lessons


That’s right, the little-known, environmentally-conscious, all-electric auto, the Wheego Whip, gave new energy to several lessons at The Glenholme School. On loan from eCars of New England (Reading, MA), the little auto infused green-energy into one student’s Academic Fair project in May and also lent power to student lessons in June.

As the feature of an in-depth, hands-on presentation on the energy-efficient vehicles, the tiny two-seater was a show-stopper at the Academic Fair. Parents, faculty, friends and fellow students were particularly intrigued with the little automobile, which measured significantly smaller than the average gas-power sedan. The student-presenter confidently answered many thoughtful questions and shared intriguing facts about the auto’s energy efficient features from the engine to the optional equipment. 
On Friday, June 22, several Glenholme teachers utilized the Wheego Whip for additional practical lessons. The students of Ms. Perry class performed a side-by-side comparison of the tiny Wheego Whip with one of the school’s behemoth SUVs. And later that same afternoon, students of Mr. McCauley, Ms. Mills, and Ms. Stevens delved into many of the technical differences between the all-electric auto and its gas-guzzling kin. With talk of prices at the gas-pumps continuing to rise, Glenholme students conferred that the Wheego may be the wave of future transportation.
The experiences gained through participation in practical academic exercises are essential to social, emotional and educational development of students with special needs. Through this involvement, students not only gain new knowledge and skills, but also expand their educational knowledge of the classroom. Experiences, like the lessons on the Wheego Whip, foster student growth by encouraging them to work in a cooperative and constructive manner with peers, teachers, and other individuals.

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