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February 7, 2013-Glenholme News

Grizzlies Jump Starts School Spirit with Winter Pep Rally

After a two-week holiday break, the Grizzlies resumed their roles students at The Glenholme School in early January. Shortly after their return, a winter pep rally was held to generate excitement and support for the winter sports teams – basketball and spirit squad.

It was a full day of spirit at Glenholme. Students started early in the day with spirit bead deliveries to offices all around campus. In the afternoon, the community gathered in the gymnasium for an exciting student-run event. The Men’s Singing Group brought energy to the occasion with a lively rendition of the national anthem. Student in the stands shared their spirit and support for the basketball team with continual cheering and energetic drumming as each athlete took to the floor. To hype up students and athletes even more, the Spirit Squad contributed a dynamic routine complete with spins, high kicks and back flips. Rounding out the occasion, student leaders shared encouragement, the basketball team showcased their court skills, and cottage mates competed for spirit titles and special treats.

The Pep Rally, held on Wednesday, January 17, 2013, was successful in bolstering the spirits of Glenholme’s hardworking athletes. With a handful of games already concluded this season, JV and Varsity basketball teams strive to earn more wins to balance out their records. The JV team earned the first win of the season against Maplebrook on January 9, with an incredible score of 61-30. With lots of games remaining in basketball season, there is much promise for a winning record this year.

The Winter Pep Rally, a much-loved school tradition, is essential to generating school spirit and promoting a greater sense of community at Glenholme. Holly House earned the cottage free-throw competition title, many students won special items in the spirit raffle, and everyone shared smiles and offered encouragement to each other. Glenholme’s communit- building events, foster a positive environment, where friendships flourish and students' make a stronger commitment to the school and their education.

In the words of the Spirit Squad leader, “School pride is important to all of us. So when it comes to our school: let’s cheer loudly and proudly.”

Let’s Go Grizzlies!!!

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