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February 15, 2013-Glenholme News

Improv Insights with Just Add Water

Snaps of approval for unexpected improvisational lines and incredible comedic timing echoed delightfully throughout an arts workshop in the music building. The animated and insightful workshop on improvisational theater was provided the well-known Yale University Improv Acting Troupe, Just Add Water.
Just Add Water photo

The members of Just Add Water are renowned for creating rousing story-telling through impromptu, off-the-cuff, quick-witted style of theatre--improvisation! Over the weekend of January 19 - 20, they staged games, ad-libbed routines and shared their insights of improvisational theatre with a remarkable group of student-actors at Glenholme.

Engaging impromptu games, such as Numerology, offered opportunities for the students to explore and learn the fundamentals of improvisation. A few of these principals include using one's imagination to create tangible environments and making bold acting choices when creating characters. Then students used their new knowledge and skills to fashion incredibly witty scenarios with brevity, comedic one-liners, and fascinating detail.

For the student-actors of Glenholme, it was a thoroughly enjoyable exercise in thinking on one’s feet, which required a good deal of risk-taking. The newly accomplished student-actors of Glenholme did a phenomenal job with each improv effort asked of them. Kudos and hats off to each of them

By participating in a program such as the Arts Intensive, students expand their abilities, liberate their imaginations, increase their self-esteem, and learn positive methods of expression. Active involvement in the arts stimulates Glenholme students' personal growth and allows them to take healthy risks in a safe and supportive atmosphere. Each year, Glenholme strives to expand the Arts Intensive program and provide students with an extensive series of on-campus weekend workshops covering all areas of the arts.

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