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January 15, 2013-Glenholme News

“Festive December:” A Concert of Holiday Merriment

Every December, the members of the Glenholme community gather for the holiday concert - a jubilant time for students, family, friends, and faculty members in The Center for the Arts. This year's concert, aptly named “Festive December,” was a delightful compilation of solos, small group numbers, and chorale pieces, as well as a grand selection of holiday songs performed by the full chorus.
Students provided a delightful concert with a great deal of variety showcasing the incredible talent of each performer. Highlights began with the powerful opening number, “Hatikvah,” the national anthem of Israel, performed by Samara, who was accompanied by Aaron on the guitar. In his first trumpet solo, Michal confidently played the traditional Christmas carol, “The First Noel.” The duet of Ethan, the guitarist, and Ashlyn, the vocalist, captivated the audience with their original holiday song. Group highlights included the enjoyable a cappella version of “Naïve Melody” by the Men’s Singing Group, the uplifting “California Dreamin’” by the Women’s Chorale, and the delightful delivery of “A Holly Jolly Holiday” by the full chorus. During the concert, everyone enjoyed a brief surprise visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus, who meandered through the arts center, talked to audience members, and suddenly raced away when they realized they had absent-mindedly left their sleigh unlocked. Emcees Aiden and Anna were informative and enjoyable throughout the occasion. The continuum of cheers and applause was accompanied by a few special moments of joyful laughter.

The joyous occasion also provided the ideal opportunity to recognize three exceptional members of the school community. Glenholme Principal Sharon Murphy and Post-Secondary Advisors Rachel Swanson and Lou Ann Proctor-Floyd acknowledged Griffin - an extraordinary member of the Class of 2012 who recently completed a semester of vocation training at Glen Ridge. As a slideshow of Griffin’s favorite Glenholme memories played for onlookers, he gave a heart-felt farewell speech to his faculty and his fellow peers. Glenholme Executive Director Maryann Campbell acknowledged Andrew Kepics, the culinary program teacher who is involved in many facets of student programming from athletics activities to yearbook guidance, with the Thomas F. Donovan Culture of Caring Award. This honor is conferred annually upon one faculty member for their steadfast commitment and exceptional service to the young people in their care. Rounding out the honors, Arts Director Matthew DeLong recognized Jake with the Arts Award, which is given each year to one student who demonstrates an unwavering dedication to multiple facets of the arts program. Jake received a $500 certificate for additional arts tutoring at the school.

The commitment, enthusiasm and incredible talent of all were emphasized during this jubilant holiday occasion. Before a full house of observers, the sounds of instruments and voices were confident and steady. Audience members resounded with praise for students and staff. One father noted, “It was a wonderful performance. I am so proud of my daughter, who is a relatively new to Glenholme. The arts program is most certainly an inspirational venue for all involved.”
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