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July 3, 2012 -Glenholme News

Glenholme Students are Recognized


The Glenholme community gathered in The Center for the Arts on Tuesday, June 26, to recognize students who have excelled in one or more areas during the 2011-2012 school year including academics, the arts, and special programs – equestrian and culinary.

Excellence, most improved, enthusiastic, outstanding, achievement and commitment were just a few of the superlatives used by teachers and program instructors during the annual awards ceremony at Glenholme.

Immediately following the teachers’ awards to students was the awarding of the Student Council Scholarship to the stand-out student of Glenholme’s Class of 2012, Micheal.  The Student Council secretary, Amy, spoke of the Mike’s heart-felt application and essay, along with his citizenship and positive contributions to the Glenholme Community. The scholarship is intended to assist Mike in his post-secondary educational pursuits at DutchessCommunity College in the fall.

To conclude the event, Glenholme principal Sharon Murphy announced the five winners of the Presidential Award to the students who have shown consistent improvement in both their student skills and their work throughout the entire year. These students set goals to improve their academic performance and consistently met their goals.

As part of promoting the positive community environment, The Glenholme School administration and staff understand the importance of student recognition. The annual awards ceremony provides the ideal venue to publicly acknowledge students for their exceptional effort and dedication to their academics and reinforce their commitment to the program.

Congratulations to all the award recipients for their exceptional effort.  Your accomplishments are impressive and an inspiration to all those around you.

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