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June 29, 2012 -Glenholme News

June Arts Intensives: A Huge Campus Hit!


In June to culminate a year-long effort, students were treated to a month filled with weekend arts intensives by acclaimed guest artists in Hip-Hop, Stand-Up Comedy, and Shakespeare!

Led by Season 6 winner of "So You Think You Can Dance" Samara "Princess Lockeroo" Cohen and acclaimed New York choreographer, Akim Funk Budda, students were introduced to Hip-Hop dance as a smorgasbord of many genres of music and dance, drawing on a knowledge of many forms of dance and movement--including ballet, break-dance, disco, bebop, martial arts, and a myriad of new and old forms (a "throwback," to draw on a hip-hop colloquialism). Weaving choreography with improvisation, students learned to interpret dance as a language of feeling and physical expression. The amazing dance instructors ended the weekend workshop with a powerful performance for Glenholme students, mixing improvisation, a cultures clash of opera and rap, and student participation. It was quite a gift!

In another incredible weekend workshop presented by actor, Kevin J. Flynn - "Sex and the City," "Law & Order," "Me, Myself & Irene" name a few - students learned to approach stand-up as simply telling stories--which they did very artfully. Sharing experiences from the foibles of learning to ride a bike to the awkwardness of asking someone out, students transformed seemingly unusual memories to universally relatable comic genius before and audience of their peers.

In the Shakespeare workshop, led by talented Canadian actor Jack Wetherall from CBS's "The Guiding Light" and Showtime's "Queer as Folk, " students explored the power and importance of breath--discovering how it empowers communication. Students also deconstructed Shakespeare's language, endowing each word with personalized, vivid images and meaning—which helped them to relate to Shakespeare's literature in a personal way. Finally, students recited speeches from Shakespeare's popular, historic plays and sonnets, presenting a collage of Shakespeare's masterful works.

By participating in a program such as the Arts Incentive, students expand their skills, liberate their imaginations, increase their self-esteem, and learn positive methods of expression. Active involvement in the Arts stimulates Glenholme students' personal growth, helps them to develop an appreciation for others, and allows them to take healthy risks in a safe and supportive environment. The Glenholme School aims to grow the Arts Incentive and provide students with an eclectic series of on-campus weekend workshops covering all areas of the Arts.

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