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June 4, 2012 -Glenholme News

Spring Hunt 2012: A Special Note of Thanks

“On behalf of New Milford Social Services, I would like to thank the staff and all the students at The Glenholme School, for your very generous donation of food on May 5th, for the benefit of the New Milford Food Bank. We understand that canned goods were the admission to the Spring Hunt!! How clever of you and how fortunate for us!!”

“We accommodate at least 150 families a week at the Food Bank, though sometimes way, way more!! This is why we appreciate your effort! Great job, everyone!!

“We applaud the high level of your commitment and we are very grateful for the opportunity you afford us to continue to provide the best services we can to our neighbors in need. Thanks again!”

Peg Molina, LCSW
Social Services Director
Town of New Milford

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