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June 21, 2012 -Glenholme News

Sherlock Holmes: A Showcase of Courageous Spirits


On Thursday, May 31, the student-performers of The Glenholme School took theater-goers on a fun-filled journey as they presented one of Sir Conan Doyle’s great classical literary tales, “Sherlock Holmes.” This production, adapted by Paul T. Nolan and directed by Glenholme drama instructor, Aaron Moss, was a quite the comic theatrical event, where the performers showcased impeccable comic timing and improvisatory skills, creating an uproar of laughs throughout the show. This particular adaptation followed the story of Sherlock Holmes (played by Matt B.), whom we find pretending to be ill, taking his friends Dr. John Watson (played by Robert), Ms. Hudson (played by Ashlyn), and Inspector Morton (played by Ethan) on a surprise case to help him capture the story’s villian–Mr. Culverton Smith (played by Nico). The seven scene play was a thoroughly enjoyable presentation for the audience to observe.

This theatrical journey proved to be another triumph for the students and the Arts Department of Glenholme, as the cast and crew not only enjoyed partaking in the performance, they also eagerly embarked on the preparation and production. Seventeen students filled the important roles of cast and crew for this production. 

 Aaron Moss passionately summarized the accomplishment when he said, “Congratulations to the cast and crew of Sherlock Holmes for a fantastic performance. We were all wowed by the intrepid and courageous spirits of our performers.”

The Glenholme School administration and faculty understand and promote the importance of a strong arts program. Many students discover new talents through various mediums- including creating art and music, as well as performing on stage. Stimulating productions like Sherlock Holmes encourage students with special needs to develop and share their talents in the safe, comfortable surroundings of the school. The results of Glenholme’s arts program are evident in the classroom, across all campus settings, as well as external environments.

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