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January 9, 2013-Glenholme News

Students Join Annual Salute to America's Heroes

In concert with communities across the nation this holiday season, the students of The Glenholme School joined in a wreath-laying ceremony on Saturday, December 15, 2012 to honor America's servicemen and women. The ceremony, held at Judea Cemetery in Washington, CT, was led by representatives of the Judea Chapter of The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) along with Owen Moore, U.S. Army retired of New Preston, Robert “Rocky” Tomlinson, U.S. Marine retired of Washington, and Todd Peterson, special speaker and citizen of Washington, CT.
After a short pause in recognition of the tragedy in Newtown, CT, Sheila Anson and Cindy Brissett of DAR shared the moving story behind the wreath-laying ceremony, begun by Morrill Worcester, owner of the Worcester Wreath Company in Harrington, Maine. When faced with a surplus of wreaths in 1992, Mr. Worcester arranged for them to be placed on the headstones of veterans in Arlington Cemetery - a place that had made an indelible impression on him as a young boy. The tribute, which was continued quietly each holiday season, received national attention in 2005 when an image of the wreaths spread across the internet. In 2007, a group of veterans and volunteers collaborated with the Worcester family to found the non-profit organization Wreaths Across America (WAA).

Mr. Peterson highlighted the meaning behind the tradition with a quote from Pulitzer Prize winning author Herman Wouk, “Heroes are not superman, they are good men who embody – by the cast of destiny – the virtue of their whole people in a great hour.” He further noted, “Our nation remains forever grateful to those who have embodied the greatest of our values.”

With those words in mind and personal remembrance wreaths in hand, the volunteers set out across the cemetery. As in years past, the wreaths were hand-crafted with incredible care by Painter Ridge Farm in Washington, CT. Glenholme student John accompanied Mr. Moore to several graves, where, side by side, they honored the veterans – Mr. Moore with a salute and John with his hand over his heart.

Each year, on this special day, the nation pauses to give thanks to those men and women who selflessly fought to protect our freedom. Among the 110,000 wreaths provided by WAA for this year’s ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery was their one millionth wreath placed at the grave of Vietnam veteran Wilbur Tresvant in Arlington's Section 60. Joining WWA was a network of volunteers who laid more than 400,000 personal remembrance wreaths in 800 locations throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and beyond. The Glenholme community is proud to be a part of this annual salute to America's heroes.
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