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July 27, 2012 -Glenholme News

Glenholme Stars Walk the Red Carpet


Stars and fans gathered at The Center for the Arts for the highly anticipated movie of 2012, "Red Handed.” The film, created by the Glenholme Movie Club, had its world premier in on Thursday, July 19, with all of the red carpet glitz and glamour of a true Hollywood introduction. The film’s actors, directors, producers, screen writers, and crew members paraded down the red carpet, smiled for the flashing cameras, greeted their fans, and paused to sign autographs as they made their way into the theater for the movie’s first big screen showing.

The film tells the story of five friends who, while visiting a local museum, are unwillingly trapped in a mystery of a stolen diamond. When the FBI seizes control of scene and questions the suspects, the team embarks on the impossible mission to solve the mystery. Set in modern day, the color film flashes to black and white clips of the interrogations adding to imagery and appeal of this film.
“Red Handed” was directed by a student and included an incredible ensemble of student-actors included veteran Movie Club members and newcomers. The film’s star ensemble was complemented by the casting of several staff-actors, including Dr. Queenan as the intense FBI interrogator, Agent Campbell, along with Mr. Morehouse as Larry, the chief of security, and Ms. Barrett as Crystal, the museum tour guide.  An assortment of fresh cameos by recent Movie Club recruits and staff throughout the film supplied just the right amount of comedic relief. Ultimately, “Red Handed” delivers a gratifying finale, sure to delight critics and audiences alike.
The Glenholme Movie Club is a year-long undertaking in which students produce an entire film, from concept to conclusion. The Movie Club not only provides students with an excellent forum to practice teamwork and communication, but also encourages them to draw upon and harness their own creativity, and to try new roles that they have not had the opportunity, or confidence, to attempt in the past. Now entering its seventh year, the Club continues to grow in popularity.
Rated G, "Red Handed" is a "must see" for everyone in the Glenholme community. Mark Bonaguide, the Movie Club’s instructor, told Glenholme newscasters, "We are thrilled with the outcome of “Red Handed.” It’s another marvelous production of the young movie-minds at Glenholme.”

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