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January 30, 2013-Glenholme News

Parents Appreciated by Students and Staff

The Glenholme School thanked parents for their steadfast commitment to their child and to the school community with the annual event known as Parents Appreciation Week. Held from January 6 to 13, students and staff shared some of their favorite experiences at the school through daily e-mails, notes, and photos, along with phone calls, videos, and mailings – all the while acknowledging Glenholme parents' ceaseless effort and allegiance.

Glenholme recognizes the exchange between a child's family and the school is vital to student growth and development, especially when the student has special needs. For this reason, the school ardently encourages parent’s involvement in their child's education, and provides parents with training opportunities, around-the-clock support, and myriad parent-oriented events throughout the year.

By actively participating in the Glenholme program, following through with recommendations and expectations, and maintaining frequent communication, Glenholme parents help to align their children's school and their home lives, allowing for a more successful transfer of treatment. Though it may not always be easy, Glenholme parents continually rise to the challenge with grace, humbleness, and a friendly sense of humor in even the most tiresome situations. It is this extraordinary effort which Glenholme celebrates each year during Parent Appreciation Week.

The response to the 2013 Parent Appreciation Week was simply astonishing -below are just a few of the many wonderful affirmations that staff received from parents:

“Thank you, also, for a wonderful Parent Appreciation Week - it is such a forward thinking approach to the partnership between the school and parents and it models such great lessons to the kids about respecting and appreciating parents. I cannot tell you how much each and every contact has meant to me and my husband this week - from the videos to the calls and even handwritten notes from staff and my son. I wish the way you do things could be a model for ALL schools.

It is great that you recognize that if our kids aren't respecting and appreciating their parents first, how will they transfer this to others - so thank you for reinforcing that and also for making us feel so appreciated by Glenholme and its’ staff. You are all just wonderful! And, to win a raffle, too! Wow! :). Thank you!!!!

We appreciate all that Glenholme does for our son and our family!”


“Thank you very much for sharing my son's goals with us. I am proud of him for identifying and having the desire to achieve them. His happiness will grow exponentially as he progresses. Thank you for supporting him at this most important time in his personal development. Please express my encouragement to him and send him all my love.”
~ David

“This is great- it certainly feels good to be appreciated and we are grateful for all the thought and effort that Glenholme staff and students demonstrated to make us feel that way!”
~ Phyllis

“To you and all the staff in Glenholme, thanks for doing this! I'm sure it was not easy getting a bunch of teenagers to appreciate their parents, so bravo to you all for making the effort!”

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