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February 4, 2013-Glenholme News

Andrew Kepics: A True Professional

As each year draws to a close, Glenholme reflects on the valuable contribution of employees and honors one extraordinary faculty member with the Thomas F. Donovan Culture of Caring award. Mr. Donovan was elected to the Devereux Board of Trustees in 1989, where he served as vice chairman and chairman and currently serves as an active member. Throughout his career with Devereux, Mr. Thomas emphasized that treatment expertise and innovation must be provided in an environment of caring. To honor his steadfast commitment to that principal, the Devereux Board of Trustees established the Thomas F. Donovan Culture of Caring Award to recognize the outstanding, vibrant staff member from each Devereux center who typifies the spirit of caring that has long been the hallmark of the Devereux mission and 100 year history.

Andrew Kepics has been a staff member of The Glenholme School, Devereux’s Connecticut center, since February of 2006 and a member of the teaching faculty since September of 2008. During this time, he has made a positive and productive impact on many areas of the program. As our culinary services teacher, Andrew provides a sophisticated restaurant program for the students to gain the requisite skills to be successful in the work force. While preparing and serving food is the hands-on experience, Andrew’s work with students also focuses on cooperation, problem solving, organization, collaboration, multi-tasking, and hospitality. Students who master these underlying skills can be successful in a wide range of careers when they enter the work force.

Andrew also fosters students’ involvement in giving back to the community. Each year he coordinates several different community service projects with students and together with students they choose who will benefit from their hard work. In the past he has carried out events such as “Cookies for Caring” and “Cinco De Mayo” where all profits from cookie sales and special menu items have gone to deserving groups, such as the Haiti Relief Fund and the Devereux Georgia flood victims, as well as local food banks. Andrew also sponsors faculty recognition lunches and “early morning dinners’ for our boarding faculty and collaborates with our clinical and behavioral faculty to create special reinforcement opportunities for students needing a more intensive level of positive behavioral supports. Andrew consistently displays a high level of integrity throughout the program while paying attention to details of each individual’s goals and objectives.

A true professional, Andrew consistently treats everyone surrounding him with thoughtfulness and respect. He generously extends help to others and to the program and is seen as a leader by his colleagues. These qualities make Andrew a remarkable role model to his colleagues and the students. All of these reasons contribute to why Andrew Kepics is the exceptional person chosen as the 2012 “Thomas Donovan Culture of Caring” award winner for The Glenholme School.

Congratulations Mr. Kepics on such a noteworthy accomplishment.

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