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January 24, 2013-Glenholme News

Loretta Claiborne Shares Her Story with Students of Glenholme

It’s a chance of a lifetime to meet a global motivational speaker who is also an American Special Olympics champion ~ for the students of The Glenholme School that chance was on November 30, 2012. Loretta Claiborne, who has far too many life accomplishments to account, visited campus as part of her lecture circuit of northwestern Connecticut schools and spoke to students and staff about her inspirational story and life’s mission of equality for individuals with intellectual disabilities.
The atmosphere in The Center for the Arts was serene as Loretta Claiborne’s presence enchanted the audience of students and staff members. The presentation provided a powerful account of the difficulties a black girl with disabilities faced in 1960s America and was infused with messages of inspiration and opportunities for informative discussions. Many students posed thoughtful questions to Ms. Claiborne and one student was selected assisted her in a brief demonstration.

The highlight of the occasion was when Ms. Claiborne impressed upon the students the importance of their education and the opportunities provided to them by The Glenholme School. She also noted, “If I had the opportunity to go to this school, I could have gone to college, maybe even married and had children of my own. While I may not have those things, I can use my life to make your life better. Don’t waste this incredible opportunity.”

As a lecturer, Loretta Claiborne delivers her message of equality for individuals with intellectual disabilities to people of all walks of life from young students to government officials through lectures, television appearances and with the Disney movie about her life, “The Loretta Claiborne Story.” Her inspirational messages about the power of personal discipline and the value of self-worth dovetail nicely with Glenholme’s community of character and support the school’s universal values of responsibility, respect, kindness, and fairness.

Participating in a program with diverse cultural opportunities allows students with special needs to develop their skills, open their imaginations, and improve their self-esteem. Active involvement in inspiring events stimulates students' personal growth, helps them to develop an appreciation for others, and allows them to take healthy risks in a safe and supportive environment. The Glenholme School strives to deliver rich, cultural opportunities to students and the lecture by Loretta Claiborne was ideal complement to the program.

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