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February 13, 2013-Glenholme News

Creativity at Work

Originality, imagination, inspiration, inventiveness and vision are all synonymous with creativity. While creativity requires passion, commitment and skill, it brings with it greater job satisfaction, higher leisure time fulfillment, positive emotions, and an improved sense of personal achievement.

Good news! Everyone has the ability to be creative and they can nurture and develop their ability with regular exercise and practice. During the month of January, the faculty of The Glenholme School and the opportunity to exercise their creativity while at work.

In a variety of one-hour creativity training sessions designed and delivered by Glenholme Arts Director of Matt DeLong, faculty members were encouraged to step outside their everyday activities and hone their creative skill sets. In the Art of Improvisation workshop, staff worked together to create funny, impromptu stories with little more than few details and the application of their imaginations. The Creative Expression in Drawing sessions employed poems, music and a variety of drawing instruments to invoke and exercise the imaginations of other staff members.

Professional development at Glenholme is identified as a vital element of the school's evolution and success. Regularly scheduled training sessions allow employees the opportunity to collaborate on creative ideas, work through challenging questions, and polish valued skills, so that they can best meet the changing needs of the school's student population.

Many faculty members lauded that the creativity training session were encouraging and effective. One staff member praised, “This training was a wonderful opportunity to step away from our routines and responsibilities and interpret our new surroundings independently while employing our imagination in a fun and constructive manner. It’s clear that exercising our imaginations regularly is important.”

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