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November 19, 2012 -Glenholme News

Every Dog Has His Day

The enjoyable autumn afternoon of Sunday, October 14, was ideal for the ninth annual Canine Collection at The Glenholme School. Held every fall, this treasured event celebrates the astounding bond between a dog and his or her owner, and the indelible impact that animals, especially dogs, can have on each of our lives.
With an audience amassed on the hillside overlooking the dog arena, four faculty members and eighteen families watched proudly as students guided their dogs to prance around, perform tricks and show off some magnificent costumes. Each participant received a certificate of award along with a few special treats for their canine. The dogs also savored some scrumptious biscuits, backed by Glenholme students.
Community-building events are vital to the social and emotional development of students with special needs. The Canine Collection gives Glenholme parents the opportunity to bond with their children, meet new people, and become better acquainted with the school while their children has the chance to practice performing for an audience in a positive, supportive environment…all while having fun!
Thanks to the Glenholme students, family, faculty, and friends – including our furry four-legged friends – for making the annual Canine Collection another incredible success.


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