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February 19, 2013-Glenholme News

Bubbleology: An Educational Art

Learning from bubbles is a magical lesson beyond the bubble wand. Bubbles are a science and a mystery; they are an art and they are attention-getters. All of which makes bubbleology an ideal educational tool for inquisitive minds of all ages.

Bubbleology, the science behind bubbles, incorporates all that bubbles are – liquids, solids, and gasses formed by the tension on soap film under pressure. Students and staff of Glenholme enjoyed their science lesson in bubbleology when Keith Johnson came to campus and shared his show, The Secret World of Bubbles, on Wednesday January 23, 2013.

The intriguing show was packed with… you guessed it – BUBBLES. There was bubble talk, bubble sculptures, geometric bubble shapes, fog-filled bubbles, mega-size bubbles, bubbles inside of bubbles, and even a student inside of a bubble. The 50-minute educational lesson was fascinating and captivating.

When the show concluded, everyone was reminded that the world around us is an astounding place. Science and art enable us to explore this world in meaningful and rewarding ways. The realm of bubbles is just one entertaining medium of exploration.

At The Glenholme School, students participate in a program with diverse educational opportunities which allows them to liberate their imaginations and learn positive methods of expression. Active involvement in presentations like Keith Johnson’s The Secret World of Bubbles stimulates students' personal growth, helps them to develop an appreciation for others, and allows them to take healthy risks in a safe supportive environment.

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