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June 11, 2012 -Glenholme News

Student Effort Put to the Test at the Academic Fair

Academic enthusiasts were treated to wonderful late spring day for Glenholme’s annual Academic Fair held under an enormous tent in the courtyard. The Thursday, May 24 event showcased an astonishing array of research projects, models, observations, experiments, and demonstrations in every subject from language to the sciences and from mathematics to music, and much more.
After months of immense effort researching, collecting, experimenting, and theorizing, students put their hypotheses and presentation abilities to the test as they offered their findings to family, friends and faculty. In addition to the presentations, several musical performances took place – percussionists, ensemble singers, soloists, and guitarists provided a collection of classics to originals pieces. Each and every effort was presented in fantastic fashion.

The experiences gained through participation in the Academic Fair are essential to educational, social and emotional development of students. Through this involvement, students not only gain new knowledge and skills, but also expand their educational knowledge of the classroom. Academic Fair projects encourage students to design and complete a major assignment which will promote critical thinking skills and foster creativity. This type of experience is crucial to the development of students by encouraging them to work together in a cooperative manner with peers, teachers, parents and other individuals.

The Academic Fair is an all-encompassing experience for Glenholme students and supports many values of the school by promoting personal responsibility, respect for diversity, fairness of others, family involvement, and spirit of unity. Each year everyone anticipates an exciting educational event only the Academic Fair provides. The 2012 Academic Fair proved to be an unparalleled event.

Topics explored in the 2012 Academic Fair

Global Warming – The Effects of Precipitation
Flowers and Temperature
Fiction, Fantasy and How it has Effected Literature
Cloning: The Pros and Cons
Transportation During the Industrial Revolution
The Great American Melting Pot Tossed Salad
Pollution’s Effects on the Respiratory System
The Muscular System
Pesticides: How It Effects the Nervous System
Greek Architecture
Ancient Greek Philosophy
Pop Art
Work Experience at Briarwood
The Origins of the Cannoli
The Creation of Sauces: Western Spicy BBQ, Honey Mustard, and more
How the Calculator was Invented
The History of the Ball Point Pen
Solar Energy
The False Lure of Alternative Energy
Broadway and History
The Different Light Exposure on Plant Life
The Skeletal System
Edgar Degas: A report and sculpture
Ancient Greek Warfare: The Trojan Horse
Ancient Greek Warfare: Ares – The God of War
Geography Presentations included South America, North America, Italy, England, Australia, and more

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